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Lo Fi

Chillout | Dubstep

Soundtrack | Video Game

Hip Hop

Military | Combat | Action

Genre: Arcade | Retro Gaming

Genre: Christmas | Hip Hop

Coming Soon

Genre: Dark Techno | Summer 2024

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Avid gamer for over 40 years (and therefore now a retro gamer as well), occasional streamer and youtuber, retro hardware collector, amateur military historian, aviation enthusiast, IT professional, former college radio DJ...


Yes! This is what the music has been created for. Depending on the platform (as their automated music recognition tools sometimes confuse our songs with something else) they might on occasion mute a VOD or a clip on Twitch or issue a notification on Youtube. This is unfortunately the current state of technology and a part of the current streaming business situation. In case you encounter such an issue please let us know and we will follow up with the streaming platform in question.

Yes! In the rare case that YouTube would send you a notification (not the same as a strike) you do not have to worry. If you want us to whitelist your YouTube profile for the extra peace of mind, just let us know and we will happily add you.

The music may not be reuploaded to YouTube, Spotify or any other platforms. It cannot be used in your YouTube, Twitch or other streaming media as a radio station. If you would like to use the music commercially in an advertisement, movie, video game etc. get in touch with us by mailing and we sort it out.

Our music will stay DMCA safe and royalty free forever. This entire project is built on the idea to provide free and safe music to streamers and content creators, without any plans to sign a major label or sell the catalogue. Because of this you don't have to worry about any copright issues or royalties now or in the future.

DMCA Safe Music

Royalty free and copyright strike free music for use in your Twitch or YouTube streams.

An extensive and ever growing library of free music that is DMCA safe. Different genres to suit your streaming moods. Plus, free music does not have to sound cheap. Solitary Brother brings you top quality compositions, instruments and perfomance using top notch studio equipment.

Solitary Brother uses these fine tools to bring quality and worry free music to your stream:

  • Keyboards Roland DX7, KingKorg, Korg XL, MicroKorg, Arturia
  • Bass Fender Bass & Moog Subsequent 37
  • Guitar Fender Telecaster Ultra
  • Amps Fender Blues IV, Mesa Boogie
  • Drums Elektron Analog rytm mk2 drum machine
  • Effects Strymon BlueSky, Electro-Harmonix Tremolo & Pitch-shifter, Lexicon 480L, Avid AAX HD plugins & third-party AAX plugins
  • Digital synthesizer & sounds Spitfire Audio, xPandl2!
  • Recording software Pro Tools 12 ultimate HDX & Carbon HDX interface, Neve 1073 preamps
  • Analogue mastered Neve Portico II buss compressor & EQ, Bettermaker Limiter, Kushaudio, IGS vari-mu compressor